Frequently Asked Questions
How do I sign my child up?

Send an email to and we will contact you to arrange a free trial.

How do I make payment?
Payment is via bank transfer.

Please note that payment must be made in full prior to your child’s first official session.

We have a long waiting list, and non-payment will result in your child’s place being offerend to the next child on the list.

Where can I buy football kit?

We are still in the process of sourcing a new kit for the football schools, at this time there are numerous other sports shops in The Hague and Leiden that sell football clothes and boots.

What happens when it rains?
Our favourite answer is obviously: the players get wet!

Football is played in most conditions, except for thunder and lightning, when the players will be taken off the field.

If there has been exceptionally cold (or freezing) conditions, the fields will be unplayable and we will advise you in advnace if a session needs to be cancelled.

We always recommend that players bring wet weather/warm clothing when attending sessions, especially in the cold months.

Visit the Total Football online shop to buy warm football gear at discounted prices.

What happens if a session is cancelled due to bad weather?

Should sessions be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. bad weather, coach illness etc? Generally we will add on minutes every session until the time lost is caught up.  You may also be invited to attend one of the other groups either side of your group. Eg. Monday can join in a Tuesday session, Wednesday can join in a Thursday session etc.

What is needed to start playing?
Full football kit to include the following: shin pads, football boots/cleats (no metal studs please), shorts and shirt for warm days, warm/wet weather clothing for colder days.

Extra items such as gloves and hats are highly recommended on colder days.

A drink is mandatory.

What time does training start?
Please look at the calendar for days and times.
Where is training held?
We have locations in Wassenaar, Den Haag and Leiden. Once you have enrolled your child you’ll be informed of the location.
Can my child play in the same group as his/her friend?
This really depends on the child.

Some children do well with friends, whilst others are distracted. It is not beneficial to have two ability levels playing in the same group from a football learning point of view.

However, it can be beneficial from a social learning point of view. We try as often as we can to place friends together unless we feel that one of the points mentioned is affected, and then we will discuss it with the parents.

My child would like to play another sport or wants to play for a club, Can I get a refund?
Football is a team sport. If you cannot make it, please inform us as we need to plan the session and need to know the number of participants.

We expect that parents who are paying for the programme will try their best to get their children to the sessions.

There is no refund for players who choose to play for a club or another sport that conflicts with Total Football Coaching training sessions.

What are shin pads?
Shin pads are used to protect the lower leg, shin and ankle.

They are worn under the football sock, preferably not over them.

It is recommended that shin pads also have ankle protectors on them from 5 to 10 years old.

Will my child be a professional footballer?
My favourite question of all!

Commonly asked by Dad after his 5 year old son/daughter has had their first lesson!

And it’s impossible to answer at this age.

Generally though my answer is the same: children are here to learn and to enjoy themselves.

We will ensure that all players are challenged. Players do not develop fully, both physically and mentally until the age of 14.