Our Philosophy

Total Football Coaching: is solely owned and run by David Palmer (Coach) who is a fully trained UEFA B license coach. This is completely separate from any other football club.

Total Football Coaching rents venues from football clubs through the local councils.

What is the vision behind TFC?
Total Football coaching is to teach children how to play football from the age of 5 years and upwards. We start with the real basic’s but also keep the focus on motor skills, social skills etc.
It is important to challenge the players but also to make sure he/she enjoys it at the same time. Our goal is to get the player ready to play, but at the right time and at the right level. In general 72% of young players stop playing football before the age of 10. That is too high which shows that they are not being prepared to play the game correctly. Total Football Coaching was started to address this issue.
TFC believes it is important to continue the players growth when they leave TFC and start to play for a club. TFC helps players find the right team and/or club when possible to do so.

Attendance: Due to the planning of sessions it is very important to let the coach know if you cannot attend a session as this can affect the learning growth of the player individually and the other players in the team.

Since 2021, Total Football Coaching has entered a full team into the Dutch football league, to allow children to experience a match like scenario, while still being correctly trained.

2021/22 information:
Please ensure all clothing is adequate for the weather when attending sessions. Warm weather clothing for training due to the cold weather. The more the players wear the warmer they are. Hats and gloves are of importance in the winter.

Do not forget the following when attending the sessions:
Full football kit including shin pads.
A water bottle/drink.
Wet weather clothing if wet (a.e. rain jacket, tracksuit)
Warm clothes when cold.
A small snack always helps with energy levels when possible.